Concession Machines

Fresh Hot Popcorn!!

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Concession machines.   ***Dimensions: Our machines are table top, around 2 ft by 2 ft, and weigh around 30 pounds each.***

We offer 3 different concession machines, Cotton Candy, Snow cone and Popcorn machines are available for rental with any inflatable, or by themselves.

 ***$50 per day for each machine, plus at cost supplies*, or $35.00 per day for each machine, plus supplies*, with any Inflatable or dunk tank rental. Need more than one day? Let us know how long your event is and we will give you a great price quote for your event. for a 2 or 3 day weekend (3rd day is free)***

(Supplies are available at cost in increments of 100 units. Supplies are $20.00 per machine, per 100 units)